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The next generation of Business Software


Emasos IQ delivers seamless applications such as enterprise resource planning system ,customer relationship management, document management, financial management, reports, and controlling.

It is based on one operational business database and runs on all types of stationary and mobile units without limitations.



 Emasos IQ - Family


The Modules

The Emasos IQ Software Standard supports all current business requirements such as merchandise management, customer, contract and service management, along with reports, with no major additional programming requirements. Additionally, Emasos IQ enables you to complete the IT-controlled processing stages of your process chains at the right time, in a structured and multidisciplinary manner, without any overlap, and with minimal effort.



The modules can be introduced separately and/or over an extended time frame.







Mobility first

It is based on one operational business database and runs on all types of stationary and mobile units without limitations.


Emasos IQ can be utilized as a complete solution, as middleware, as a partial solution (e.g., only BI, CRM, DMS, ECP or FIM), or for mobile processes.

This outstanding concept combines future reliability, user-friendliness and technology firmly linked to business processes to create a formula for enormous increases in efficiency within your business.


Experience for yourself the incredible user experience, which allows you to be productive and informed with the same settings and screens no matter what type of end unit you use.



Midsize and large organizations


When utilizing Emasos IQ, as many company clients as desired (separately tracked companies) can be displayed. Individual clients can be grouped into company client groups. Master records will be kept for each client group. Each master record within the client group will have the same number and the same identifying data (address, product groups,…). Additionally, each company can maintain their own specific data.


Any desired number of client groups can be established with each use. Each customer client is assigned an operational chart of accounts. Several company clients will be able to use the same chart of accounts. If there are specific regulations in a user country regarding the establishment of general ledger accounts, then a specific country account can be established and maintained parallel to the chart of accounts. Company clients with many different charts of accounts can be grouped together using  a total company chart of accounts.


If desired, all accounting postings may be entered in the currency of the company client, the client group, and in the currency of the company itself. The source of the currency exchange rate can also be identified and defined (e.g. National Bank exchange rate of the applicable country for calculating the value into the currency of the company client and ECB-rate for calculating the currency of the company).


Emasos IQ offers a maximum of flexibility for planning and implementing your IT strategy. Your company can start by implementing Emasos IQ for mobile applications or for specific areas, e.g. CRM or ECP (Controlling), with the knowledge that Emasos IQ can be implemented in the future as a comprehensive solution.



Emasos IQ fulfills the highest technical requirements for companies with very large amounts of data. These are read and written within extremely short processing times.



In addition to all of this, Emasos IQ has a transmission rate of

5 Kbit/s (average/user) - faster than any other software.





Defining your own processes and requirements is easy and can be implemented quickly using Emasos IQ. Enhancements are always upgrade-compatible.


You will have the following options for this:


Design mode:


In the design mode, you will be able to individually adapt screens, lists, tiles and dashboards. The changes will occur in real time and are accessible immediately after entering them. “Cloning” and inheriting role- and user-defined settings is possible. The rollout of these actions occurs immediately at all workspaces – clicking the refresh button or a notification is all that is required.


Report designer:


Create templates according to your desires and requirements.




Expand Emasos IQ with your processes using the programming language C#.




Expand the user surfaces (tiles) and the server functionalities using the programming language.

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